Moving away from closed source LLMs is a stressful and unclear process when most of your stack is built around them. If you’re looking to switch over to open source models, prompt re-engineering and evaluating the quality of the resulting responses are important considerations.

Use our prototype-to-deployment stack to help make that transition easier.



Use our free API to help you decide which open source model is a viable equivalent to your current closed-source LLM.

As a free API service for prototyping, you’re request may be queued. Queueing times at the moment are typically about 1 min. However, once it’s your turn, experience nCompass’s blazing fast inference speeds!

If you would like to have reliable and consistent deployments or access to a different model, please contact us.



Once you’ve made up your mind on which model(s) to use, simply use nCompass to setup your on-prem deployment. You provide us with your authentication details and we will deal with

  • Launching instances
  • Autoscaling based on your workload
  • Accelerating the models

Our system optimizes for GPU utilization so you can sleep well knowing that your deployment costs are being minimized.

Please contact us for pricing and information regarding deployment.