Launch YC: nCompass Technologies - Low-latency deployment of AI models made easy

nCompass is a platform that simplifies deployment and acceleration of open-source AI models. We don’t just focus on LLMs but can accelerate and deploy any open source model of your choice.

LLM deployment
We provide a hosted API to allow you to run open-source LLMs with a competitive performance at a low price.

Alternatively we also provide a secure on-prem deployment for those with stricter sercurity, compliance and privacy requirements.

Voice AI
We currently host a realtime voice isolator that can remove background voices from your audio streams.

Checkout our range of products below!

Open Source LLM Deployment

Chat with any of our available LLMs to evaluate how they fare against your current closed source model.

Try our available open source LLM models here

Cleaner Audio Transcription

Try out our audio denoising capabilities offline to enable clean transcriptions that aren’t corrupted by voices in the background. Filter out any background voices such as TV, other colleagues etc.

Test with our examples or upload a noisy audio file and see the difference in transcription here.

Realtime Audio Denoising

Try the world’s first realtime audio denoising API focused on removing background voices from audio streams.

Test with our examples or upload an audio file, set the realtime parameters and hear your audio be denoised. Try it out here.